Woodend Methodist Church




Methodist Church of New Zealand


Apr 2018 – Dec 2018

Dominion was the main contractor on this complex structural strengthening and refurbishment of the historic Woodend Methodist church. Dominion was engaged to work closely with the structural Engineers to provide a solid structural strengthening strategy to this heritage project.

This project involved the bracing of the roof structure and full detachment of the roof. Core drilling to place vertically through the walls to enable post tension rods to be threaded between the double skin brick walls and post tensioned to ensure stability. The walls were then fixed together with Helifix ties. The top 7 courses of brick were removed so that DCL could instal an insitu concrete bond beam to lock the building together. The roof had steel installed along with steel tie rods to support the existing roof structure prior to reattaching the roof. The existing internal plasterwork was removed and replaced with fibre mat and solid plaster along with an entirely new piling system and timber hardwood flooring. Ornate plaster detailing took place inside and also, outside on the concrete capping beams and window detailing.

With the building having Historic value, along with an existing grave yard, there was no option but to repair the building respecting all aspects of the building and surrounding land. Directly adjacent the church was an operating community hall so great care and planning was required to minimise disturbance and also for coordination of material deliveries, rubbish removal and people movement in general.

A multitude of additional client works were undertaken during the contract and the contract was delivered on time, and within budget.

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