Westgate Shopping Centre Carpark




Fletcher Construction Ltd


May 2014 – June 2015

Dominion were specialist concrete sub-contractors on the Westgate Shopping Centre project under main contractor Fletcher Construction.

The structure is an 18,000m² suspended, post tension Carpark, single level. The concrete has been carried out as 18 pours working at height (5.5m off ground).
This is a fully Post Tensioned floor system with Dominion responsible for the Design and Build of PT.

Key techniques used include:

  • Doka-matic formwork table system used for forming in-situ beam soffits to minimise the amount of propping, utilising permanent Comfloor metal decking flooring system for slabs which again minimises labour and propping.
  • Work on site progressed well with ongoing rate of approximately 1 pour per week.
  • Due to the nature of work (being at height with suspended floors) it involves a large labour component with Dominion managing multiple subs including PT, Reinforcing and Comfloor.
  • Concrete pours start at 2am each day allowing 600m³ to be poured by 6am with 2 concrete pumps going simultaneously.

Key figures:

  • 16231m³ of Concrete
  • 18200m² PT Slab using new DOKA table system, a first in New Zealand
  • 21000m² Conventional Ground Slab and Suspended Slab



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