The Pacifica


$42million (Structure only)




Project Completion: October 2020
Structure Completion: May 2020

The Pacifica Apartments complex is one of Auckland’s highest residential building projects. Dominion Constructors were engaged as the structural super-sub for the development.

The Pacifica Tower, stands 178m tall. It is a fifty six level building with the first six levels comprising of a 41-suite boutique hotel and high-end retail on the Commerce Street front.  There is a seven level carpark at the rear serviced by two car lifts; and the tower which has two hundred and eighty two apartments above this.

The building offers residents incredible facilities including relaxation lounges, a lap pool, sauna, steam room, spa, gym, media room, library and a barbecue terrace. Dominion have faced many challenges with this project, starting with its small footprint in the central CBD location, a busy shared working environment and minimal space available for storage, loading, lifting and site navigation.

Despite all challenges; for the first time in New Zealand, we operated a full-footprint jumpform system, designed and provided by Icon.  The jumpform was self-sufficient with a concrete boom pump attached to the jumpform for all concrete placing and a formwork hoist integrated into the screens for the movement of formwork and materials between the floors and the welfare facilities.

The tower crane was utilized for the vertical transport of reinforcement for construction of the structure only.

The total jumpform including screens weighed approximately three hundred and fifty tonne and climbs using electric screw jacks, with a single floor “jump” taking one hour. The floors are constructed within the perimeter screens which are hung from the jumpform and encapsulate six levels. This jumpform screen system offers higher levels of safety and productivity.

The most complex part of the build, which has additional outrigger walls was from levels twenty three to twenty eight. We used more than fifty percent of the concrete required for the project, having poured in excess of 7000m3 of concrete in both vertical and horizontal elements in the first twenty six levels.

The project has gone on to win a Gold award in the New Zealand Commercial Project Awards – Residential Category 2022.  This was awarded to ICON but is a reflection of the work contribution by the Dominion Constructors Team.


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Time lapse video of Pacifica (Structure).