Strand Carpark




Strand Holdings



Dominion Constructors were the main contractor for the construction of this four level car park. The Strand car park was the first to be constructed using the ’Climbfloor’ jacking system in New Zealand.

The process of this system is unique; one floor slab is poured on top of the lower floor slab which is then jacked up to its final position. The floor system utilises a post tension slab and band beams. It also uses the floor below as a form work system. Steel faced pods were placed on the lower slab to form the band beams. After the concrete was poured, the floor was jacked up into position. The permanent columns are placed and connected to the floor. The jacks are retracted and the procedure is then repeated.

The Strand project presented our team daily challenges, a complicated site in which works were carried out inside the walls of the existing structure.


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