St Cuthberts College Centennial Pool




Malcolm Hope, Board of Trustees


Dominion was the main contractor for the construction of an indoor swimming pool at St Cuthbert’s College which includes classrooms, learners pool, gymnasium and student support centre. The project was completed ahead of the College’s centennial in 2015. This project was secured by negotiation, evidencing the strong relationships philosophy that underlies Dominion’s company culture.

The complex is a high end facility featuring a FINA approved 25 metre swimming pool with a movable floor at the deep end allowing the pool to be used for a wide variety of water sports, including competitive swimming and water polo. The complex will also include a learner’s pool, a viewing deck, changing facilities, a student support area, internal second level concrete seating and a large second level gym overlooking the pool. Total floor area is 4550m² and 1523m³ concrete laid.

The complex was built inside a functioning college keeping the safety of the college staff and pupils as paramount to the success of the project. Resource consent conditions put a restriction on material delivery time and all deliveries needed to be well coordinated. 34m long laminated beams had to be transported into the complex across an existing sports facility, requiring a high degree of planning. Quality finishes have been incorporated throughout the facility and combine with the complex geological features on site to make this a very challenging, high profile project.


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