Sky City Atrium Redevelopment




Naylor Love (Sky City)


Stg1 August – December 2015 ; Stg2 February 2016

Dominion Constructors were the Subcontractor to Naylor Love for the structural alterations to the entry atrium of Sky City. This will eventually allow for an extended Casino Floor. The works involved constructing 2 new concrete shear walls to the ground floor and level 1 floor, constructing a concrete deck slab extension at level 2, the construction of the new escalator pit to the ground floor entry way and the infilling of the existing escalator pit following commissioning of the new escalator’s.

The scope of works included labour, formwork and reinforcing steel; starter bar drilling; falsework and formwork; concrete supply, pumping and placement; metal decking and welding of starter bars. Concrete volumes totalled ~ 50-m³, and over 8-tonne of steel were used.

The works are undertaken in the Atrium to the Casino and Hotel which operates 24/ 7. Material handling to the sites was only allowed at specific times to suit the Casino operations. Public awareness was forefront of the site activities. The concrete pumping was carried out early with 4am starts to avoid the busy morning period within the complex. Noise issues also dictated certain windows of quiet to suit the operations of the various food facilities.

The shear walls were poured in stages to suit the formwork being used and the use of self compacting concrete. The level 1 wall utilised the existing wall framing to the side of the escalator for the outside formwork with specific design by DCL engineers determining the tie bar centres required. The use of self compacting concrete reduced the need for vibration and ensured the concrete was poured up to the beams and slab overhead.

Over 900 holes were drilled into the existing concrete beams, columns and slabs to meet the seismic design restraints of the structure. Due to heavy congestion of reinforcing steel in the existing structure, core drilling was not allowed requiring impact drilling of the holes, with many holes requiring being drilled several times.


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