Show Place Office & Carpark, Christchurch




Goodman Property


October 2013 – December 2014

Dominion was the main contractor for this project, which involved the construction of a new four storey, 800m² office building with ground floor carpark at Show Place, Addington.

While the building itself utilised fairly standard construction techniques, liquefaction on site had to be addressed prior to commencing construction.

To stabilise the site the top 700-800mm of soil was removed from the foundation area, exposing the liquefied soil below. The liquid sub-soil was then mixed with 6-8% concrete dust which solidified and stabilised the soil as it set. The top-soil was then placed back over the site and compacted. This process took around 10 weeks to complete.

The side and back of the building were constructed using 18 concrete pre-cast panels approximately 17m long x 4.5m wide. The panels were pre-cast on site and erected on achieving strength of 40 MPa.
Comfloor slabs were used on levels 2, 3 and 4 of the building with the foundation slab poured last. The foundation pad was poured around piles driven 17m into the ground.

Project was completed within budget and on programme. Dominion has also undertaken the L1 tenancy fit-out for Te Putahitanga trust as a separate contract.


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