QuBA Apartments Conversion




Russell Property Group


June 2015 – February 2016

Built in 2008 by Dominion Constructors, the QUBA complex, situated in Quay Park close to Britomart, comprised 113 residential apartments over 6 levels with internal atrium and common areas, 13 commercial / retail units on the ground level and basement car parking for 196 cars. Through smart design, splitting some of the original residential apartments into multiple hotel sized units, the strong economic viability of the project became evident. Focus was on ensuring that the design retained as many existing kitchens and bathrooms, fixtures and fittings and construction material as possible to minimise cost, reduce waste and maximise time efficiencies in development. New atrium walkways were added to allow for the split of 2 level apartments into single level hotel rooms with access from the previous mezzanines. The new walkways and entrances were designed to seamlessly fit with the existing design and the final look would suggest they were always there with no restriction to light or feeling of enclosure within the atrium. Extensive work was also done in upgrading the fire and acoustic ratings and lifting the quality of fixtures & fittings to create the luxurious feel.

As an existing building with insitu tenants and both residential and commercial neighbours, the construction team faced daily traffic and people management constraints as well as having limited access for material delivery. This was managed through constant communication with stakeholders, adherence to strict building requirements as well as thinking beyond the box for construction methodologies. For example, the delivery of materials was challenging as large pallets of construction materials (gib, timber etc.) could not be brought through lifts or stairwells. To deal with this challenge, access for these types of materials was created over the carpark entrance by way of scaffolding with windows removed to access the internals of the building and the use of Hi-ab delivery vehicles. Areas of the site were sectioned off to allow for deliveries, sometimes of heavy steel beams via crane across the roof and into the atrium, to allow the tenants to still occupy their units with safe access away from the direct building works.

The lobby area was also a challenge with the apartment complex effectively only providing a small functional entryway & lift lobby. The Hotel lobby was created by combining together the existing lobby area with the two adjacent corner commercial units to provide a welcoming and open lobby and waiting area, café and bar, executive boardroom and management office. The hotel now boasts over 160 rooms covering all configurations including studio suites through to unique 3 bedroom penthouse suites, café, meeting rooms and gym and with it’s prime location close to Downtown, Britomart, Spark Arena and many national businesses the hotel has been well received by neighbours, tenants and guests and has out-performed estimations of valuers, the hotel operator and the owner to be a true success story.

Congratulations to Russell Property Group and the team that worked on the QuBA Apartment conversion, recognised on Friday 16th June 2017 at the annual Property Council Awards with a Best in Category award, Tourism & Leisure.


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