Freight Properties 3




Mondiale Ltd


March 2013 – February 2014

This P&G and margin tender was won based on reputation not price, and was to be constructed on green field site adjacent existing facilities from previous stages. There was an extremely tight timeframe for construction of this project.

Following award of this contract, all tenders had to be tendered whilst works commenced on site. The commencement of the office block was delayed by 5 months due to the client changing the existing warehouse consent to a non-sprinkled warehouse that affected the office design&consenting process.

Extremely short, tight programme of 5 month from award to sectional handover of 11,000m² warehouse with no lead in period or trades tendered at time of award, and with no QS or Site Manager available at time of award. However, the project benefited from having a strong working relationship with the consultants and client. This ensured that information&approvals were provided to maintain the necessary flow of work.

The warehouse floor slab consisted of 4no large pours to form the post tensioned slab, and was completed during the winter months with no allowance or float for wet or windy weather on an exposed site.


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