Edmunds Avon River Wall




Christchurch City Council


Jan 2018 – Dec 2018

Dominion was the main contractor for the partial demolition and rebuild of the Avon River wall running between Manchester and Colombo streets in front of the existing band rotunda.

The project was a complex demolition of the existing concrete wall structure and replaced with enhanced foundation and wall sections to match existing design.With a very delicate environmental and ecological focus due to the project lying inside the Avon Rivers, great care was taken to ensure the river and surrounding areas were contained within a coffer dam and continuous monitoring and reporting on the environment was essential.

A detailed structural screw piling design was developed to ensure that the new wall sections would provide stability for the entire wall.

Attention to detail was essential on the project as to seamlessly join the new sections of wall with the existing with very detailed plaster finishing works completing the project. Careful preparation of the existing sections took place so that the paint finish blended well the new sections

This project was completed under the CCC heritage programme and, as such, the aesthetic and heritage value of this highly visible project was achieved with great success.

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