Sabina Ltd


January 2014 – April 2014

Dominion Constructors, was the main contractor for the construction of concrete walls to the exterior of the lower 2 floors of the Deloittes Centre to eliminate the inflow of ground water through the existing basement walls.

The construction of 1,000m² of 300mm thick reinforced concrete walls 5.8m high to the B3 & B4 basement levels, involving 350m³ of concrete pumped 4 stories below road level. The new walls are constructed over a waterproofing membrane and accessory system developed for the project.

Construction of the walls involves the installation of a waterproofing membrane over the existing shotcrete walls. The inflow of water, condition of the shotcrete walls and misalignment of walls between B3 & B4 has presented particular challenges. The concrete walls are 2.8m high and are constructed using purpose built ‘single sided’ steel formwork systems. Particular challenges include the water ingress, location within a ‘live’ building, access through public carpark areas, and pumping concrete from a busy street down 12m to the lower level.


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