Botany Downs Town Centre




AMP, Mainzeal Construction


Dec 1999 – Apr 2001

The first contract Dominion Constructors gained in the Botany Downs Town Centre was the construction of the Farmers retail area and suspended car park above. Dominion was awarded further contracts including two additional concrete packages, two carpentry packages and specialist retaining walls.

Approximately 7500m³ of concrete was poured by Dominion Constructrs, covering a floor area of over 41,000m², indicating the size of the development. The scope of Dominion’s carpentry packages covered over 55,000 lineal metres of timber framing; plasterboard lining; joinery; hardware; supervision of subtrades and related works. Feature areas that Dominion completed were the polished timber floors of the pavilion and the timber sarked ceilings of the conservatory. The extent of activities that Dominion was involved in ensured a strong presence throughout the project’s development.

The ability of Dominion Constructors to work to tight schedules, maintain a high level of co-ordination with services and interface with other contractors ensured that individual works were completed on or before contractual completion dates.


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