Beatrice Tinsley Building (Regional Science and Innovation Centre Stage 2)




University of Canterbury


Mar 2017 – Oct 2019

The Beatrice Tinsley building is an innovative new build and the first of its kind for multi-level timber construction in New Zealand. It is the first multi-storey building using timber moment frames and cross braces in New Zealand. This post tensioned, seismic damage resistant LVL system is a patented technology developed by University of Canterbury engineering professors. In addition to this the floors are made up of a timber double T cassette system and has insulated CLT wall panels.

The Beatrice Tinsley building provides teaching space and offices as part of the wider regional science and innovation centre development onsite.

Dominion began on this project in 2017 when we undertook the challenging demolition of the von Haast building, a 4 storey building from the 1960s with a larger footprint that stood where the Beatrice Tinsley building in being constructed. This work took over a year to complete due to the extensive asbestos removal that was required a great deal of innovation due to some of the applications of the product onsite. For more information on the demolition click here.


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