Alpurt Motorway Bridges




Transit New Zealand / HEB Contractors / Stevensons


1998 – 1999

Eight bridges were constructed over two stages by Dominion Constructors for the Alpurt Motorway extensions. Each bridge required a different approach due to location, design and environmental conditions.

Special attention was needed to ensure all environmental issues were identified and effectively managed, ensuring protection of estuaries and control of traffic.

Dominion was proactive in the review of the bridge designs and construction methods, providing more appropriate solutions and enabling reduced construction programmes.

The bridges ranged from single span to multi-span, with work carried out near existing motorways, previously rural sites and at heights of over 12m above tidal estuaries.

Construction methods included structural steel, post tensioning and pre-cast beams with in-situ topping and placement of precast barriers and top rails. The scope of the works also included bulk excavation, piling and construction of Mechanically Stabilised Earth (MSE) retaining walls.


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