1904 Great North Road, Avondale




Symbatico Ltd


November 2014 – June 2016

Dominion were the contractor for the structure construction of a 4 storey block and concrete structure. The works included blockwork; reinforcing steel; structural steel; falseworks and scaffolding; concrete supply and pumping and pre-cast installation works.

The scope of work included the structure complete with roof and canopy steel ready for the fitout by the client.

The total volume of concrete was approximately 160m³, all placed with a boom pump. There was approximately 555m² of blockwork laid in a combination of stretcher and stack bonded courses, as well as varying block module sizes, to meet the architectural finish required.

The new building occupies the whole site, meaning storage space is limited. The access to the properties at the rear, passes under the new build, requiring a vehicle ‘tunnel’ to be constructed to allow for safe passage during construction. The footpath to Great North Road abuts to the front of the site requiring traffic management operations for all deliveries. The site is adjacent to nearby schools which restricted the times available for operating from the street, for cranage, pumping and material deliveries.

The existing properties to the side and rear boundaries are close to the new building and required the exterior scaffold to be cantilevered from the new structure to allow for the construction of the blockwalls.


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