They drive the company’s ISO rated management systems for continuous improvement. This is undertaken by conducting Site Health, Safety, Quality and Environmental Audits on a regular basis and promoting awareness and training to all Dominion staff. While the project teams are undoubtedly the face of the company, they cannot achieve their best without a support team running the day-to-day administrative operations. Our admin teams include:

  • IT
  • Finance and Accounts
  • Payroll/HR
  • Marketing
  • Administration

Dominion Constructors has a highly skilled team to manage projects at every level, with each project assessed for the specific skills required. Our project managers, who have more than 200 years’ collective experience, and meet monthly to share issues, experiences and solutions. This information is in turn shared among all team members, improving their knowledge and performance. Our team includes senior project managers, design managers, civil engineers, Green Star-accredited consultants and crane and formwork specialists. All project management is supported by Site Supervisor teams.

Most of Dominion’s site supervisors have a trade background and have worked their way through the ranks developing their management skills on the job or through additional education. They provide second-tier support to Dominion’s onsite project managers, managing the day-to-day operations or specific areas of site management for larger projects. Our team of estimators and quantity surveyors works closely with the project management teams to ensure the financial stability and accuracy of a project. Project Managers will be involved at tender stage as often as possible, but full detailed handovers from estimating to project teams ensures what is promised in the beginning is a reality at the end. Our Health, Safety, Environment and Quality Management team provides the primary support role for all matters relating to Health, Safety, Quality and the Environment.